Should you develop in-house or use 'off the shelf'? 


The EV growth opportunity

Each EV brings a new opportunity for everyone involved in the supply of electricity. 

Energy platform providers have the opportunity to capitalise on EV growth by offering EV-related capabilities to their customers - enabling Smart Charging, Public Charging, Load Balancing, Fleet Charging, DSR, V2G and more.  

EVs bring EV-specific challenges

Platforms working with EVs come across EV-specific challenges. One of these challenges is the forecasting, planning and scheduling of EV charging.  

These capabilities can be time-consuming for  developers to build, complex to optimise and expensive to maintain - especially given the growing variety of EV's, batteries and charging technologies on the market. 

Is this a challenge for your team?

Platforms need to make a decision:

  1. Focus expensive internal resources on building and maintaining these capabilities themselves? 
  2. Or use 'off the shelf' APIs so your team can spend time on other, more strategic product features?

How we help


We are the 'off the shelf' platform for accurate forecasting, planning and scheduling EV charging

By specialising in the areas of forecasting, planning and scheduling EV charging, we are able to achieve an economy-of-scale that makes it cost-effective for platform providers of all sizes to to buy 'off the shelf'. 

This also allows us to stay at the forefront of analytical, EV, battery and grid technology developments along with the latest in academic research to achieve a world-class level of accuracy beyond what would typically be developed in-house.


Speed up product development, reduce costs and increase customer focus

Using our platform, your team get immediate access to these scalable capabilities 'off the shelf' via our cloud-based APIs - without needing to allocate resources to build and maintain these yourself.  

This means your team can speed up product development in other areas, whilst also reducing costs and allowing your management teams to spend more time focused on your customers.


Our Solution

Our APIs enable you to use the existing data that your platform already collects and leverage our comprehensive understanding of EV charging, OEMs, battery science and the latest in analytics to overcome the unpredictability of consumer and EV charging behaviours.  

This ensures that your platform can easily use our APIs to forecast, plan and schedule all aspects of EV charging with maximum accuracy. 

Our APis


EV Charge Planning API 

  • Inputs: the existing data that your platform already collects
  • Outputs: an accurate plan, of how much electricity to send to each EV to meet your user's requirements, when to send it and how long it will actually take.

EV Forecast API 

  • Inputs: the existing data that your platform already collects 
  • Outputs: an accurate kWh forecast for each EV or Charge Point managed by your platform, for any time band.  Aligned to the settlement period of your choice (e.g. UK is kWh per 30 minute period).  

Future-proof your data streams 

  • Many platforms are looking to collect more data in the future such as EV telematics.  
  • We make it easy for to add these new data streams as your platform develops.

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Helping the whole system

Electricity Suppliers


Our Forecasting platform ensures you can plan and forecast the charging demand of EV customers with maximum accuracy.  This not only reduces risk, reduces customer bad-debt and reduces hedging costs, but also brings the opportunity to  increase trade profitability beyond what it is today. This increased profit can be retained to ensure long-term stability or invested in customer acquisition to drive further EV growth.  



Our Forecasting platform allows DSOs and DNOs to have accurate, real-time forecast of future EV charging demand right down to an individual EV and its local transformer. This improves decision making, reduces costs and helps ensure all EV customers get the charge they need without overloading the network. 



Our Forecasting platform allows TSOs and ESOs to have accurate, real-time forecast of future EV charging demand for every part of the grid. This improves decision making, reduces wasted generation and helps ensure all EV customers get the charge they need without oversupply or overloading. 

Charge Point Operators and Fleet


Charge Point Operators (public and private including Fleet) increasingly have sufficient electricity consumption to negotiate favourable terms with their electricity suppliers. Being able to guarantee an accurate forecast ensures the best deal possible and maximises profits.  Accurate planning ensures successful Load Balancing. 

Energy Trading


As the number of EVs on the road grows, so does the impact of EVs on electricity trading markets.  1 million EVs will require 15-20 tWh of charge - every day.  Having a more accurate forecast of EV demand leads to more profitable trading.  

VPP, Generation and Storage


EVs will soon become the dominant variable factor in electricity generation. Having a more accurate forecast ensures generation capacity is delivered at the most profitable times.  This also enables PPAs to be built around EV-specific volumes. 

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